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Most SEO Content in WordPress is bad: bad keyword selection, bad titles, and no clicks, rankings, or sales.

The content is bad, and – worse – it should never have been written. If you choose a bad keyword, the post will never do anything for you. It’s totally wasting your time and money.

FALCON AI helps you avoid all of that. Our flagship service for SEO Content in WordPress is Content Growth. Content Growth starts at £2k+/month and isn’t accessible for everyone.

Content Growth Lite gets you perfect keywords and titles powered by our FALCON AI – at a fraction of the cost.

Why is keyword selection so important?

What’s FALCON AI, and how does it help with SEO Content?

Ellipsis FALCON AI is our proprietary suite of AI content tools, specifically optimised for and trained on WordPress content.

We use FALCON to increase the success of your SEO Content. We see ~30% improvement in results from this.

You can read here how our FALCON AI delivered a 350% SEO improvement for WP RSS Aggregator, an established WordPress product.

The team at Ellipsis did a great job at updating that content and optimising using FALCON AI it to the extent that they improved our average ranking from 28 to 8, with some even getting to the number 1 spot!

The results speak for themselves and the team was always in communication with us to find the best way forward. 

If you’re thinking of taking your content marketing efforts to the next level, I highly recommend working with Ellipsis.

Mark Zahra • CEO, RebelCode Ltd (WP RSS Aggregator)

What should my posts cover?

topic coverage is really important.

For our flagship, end-to-end SEO Content service, you’ll need Content Growth. This is the service we run for clients including

“ is the world-leading website platform. We wanted to improve our Content Marketing and SEO Content results, and started working with Ellipsis as we needed strategic content creators who were WordPress experts.

The Ellipsis team worked with us on creating SEO-optimized content, as well as thought-leadership content in conjunction with internal subject matter experts. Our work together was a flexible partnership, and we started seeing results in Google rankings from the first article.”

Kasey Steinbrinck • Content Marketing Consultant, Automattic

You can see Content Growth here, or get in touch for a discovery call. If you want our expertise on a tight budget, then Content Growth Lite is for you. Pick your plan below.

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Alex Denning

Alex Denning is the Founder and Managing Director of Ellipsis®, a world-class SEO Content agency. Alex is the inventor of FALCON AI®, the next-generation AI SEO platform that helps you predict how your content will perform – before you create it. Alex is an international speaker and publishes regularly on the future of SEO. @AlexDenning on Twitter