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Content Growth is best-in-class SEO Content for WordPress businesses, powered by our FALCON AI.

SEO Content takes time, is hit-and-miss, and has bad ROI – but not with us. Content Growth is available end-to-end done-for-you, or plug it into your existing process.

SEO Content Marketing can be one of the most effective marketing channels for WordPress businesses, but only if done right. We do it right.

SEO Content can feel like a lucky dip: how do you know if you’re pushing content into the void, or moving the needle? Can we track rankings, sales, and show improvement?

Our industry-leading Content Growth methodology is fully-managed SEO Content that’s built to get results. We’re market-leading experts who can get you the results you need.

Content Growth is powered by our FALCON AI, our custom in-house suite of SEO tools specifically designed to increase the performance of WordPress and WooCommerce SEO Content.

You’ll get an SEO Content partner you can trust to get results.

We are extremely good at this. If you want to do or improve your SEO Content, you should talk to us.

“Content Growth has significantly raised our organic traffic and brings in actual business.”

Matthew Holman – Head of Growth, Autoship Cloud

We get world-class results. We produce quality content at scale that gets SEO rankings. Those SEO rankings turn into sales for our clients. We consistently and regularly achieve SEO success that is wildly better than anyone else:

“ started working with Ellipsis as we needed strategic content creators who were WordPress experts.

The Ellipsis team worked with us on creating SEO-optimized content. We started seeing results in Google rankings from the first article.”

Kasey Steinbrinck • Content Marketing Consultant, Automattic

SEO Content fits how your customers buy WordPress products

Purchasing decisions in WordPress are made through education. We see two types of SEO Content working for WordPress products:

  • How-tos where you educate the customer how to solve a specific WordPress problem – using your product
  • Listicles where you educate the customer on the different products in a given category – and show how yours is genuinely better

These types of content let you reach the reader close to the bottom of the sales funnel, and thus you can quickly convert them to paying customers and track ROI from the content.

FALCON AI powers our world-class SEO Content results

FALCON AI is our in-house AI. FALCON predicts if your content is going to succeed, before you create it. Thus – we only create content we know is going to be successful.

FALCON AI is next generation keyword research. It’s designed and built in-house, and it is extremely good. You might have read about it in the New York Times.

“FALCON AI eliminates the guesswork of SEO, helps our new content to rank much more quickly, and maximizes the chance that each piece of content will generate sales.”​

Katie Keith – Co-founder, Barn2

You can think of FALCON AI as next generation keyword research: we’re predicting if a keyword is a good fit for SEO Content. We do that by running the keyword + 1 million data points through the AI. The AI then predicts how your content would perform.

If we think your keyword could be a good fit, FALCON then generates different titles, headings, word counts – even tone of voice and sentiment – and outputs the 1 with the highest chance of success.

With the legacy content process, your post might go through 3 or 4 different iterations over its lifetime. With FALCON, we can assess 1000+ different iterations of a piece of content and predict which 1 is going to perform best, before we even start writing.

FALCON AI is not generating blog posts. Your content is written by a human subject matter expert – this is also how we make sure your content wins.

FALCON enhances our content process. We use it on all our Content Growth projects, and we can use it to enhance your content.

We’ll take ownership of SEO strategy around WordPress terms

Content Growth revolves around quarterly SEO planning. We’ll make sure the content you get matches to an SEO strategy that will get you results.

We need to show Google you have Subject Matter Authority on the topics relevant to your business. Increased authority will let you access better rankings across your whole site – not just the content we produce.

You’ll get a quarterly SEO plan, built around topic clustering. We’ll identify your priority topic clusters, and show you how that month’s content connects to the cluster and aims to benefit the whole site. This involves creating both pillar content and sub-topic content, and connecting this to your topic cluster and product page(s):

We’ll build you subject matter authority around target topic clusters, and then structure links internally to support this.

Our FALCON AI lets us analyse possible keywords for you at huge scale: we analyse 500 possible keywords for every 1 keyword we push into production.

We can work with your SEO/marketing team alongside other SEO priorities, or fully own your SEO strategy. Content Growth is set up to deliver on both.

What ROI can I expect?

Each quarter with our keyword planning, we’ll show you the keywords and search volumes we’re targeting for you. We’ll aim to capture a portion of that traffic, and discuss this with you.

Your aim will be to capture regular monthly visitors we can convert to sales. Searches are fundamentally how your customers are making purchasing decisions, and we’ll make sure you’re there.

Your specific ROI will depend on the revenue keywords that match your business. We can happily explore this with you on a discovery call.

Our SEO Content process is rock-solid, and gets you results

Ellipsis is a process-driven company, and our process for Content Growth is rock-solid. We create a large volume of content each month – on-time and to a very high standard – and it’s our process that supports this.

When you work with us on Content Growth, you’re getting rock-solid content from a world-class team that’s been tried-and-tested across dozens of clients and hundreds of posts.

The Ellipsis SEO Content process: end-to-end content that gets results.

One of the challenges of SEO Content is rankings take time, and there’s a lot of uncertainty. You can be waiting six+ months for rankings, and this creates an extremely long feedback loop. We’ve seen it all before, and we can guide you through what you should expect at each stage.

Here’s the process in detail:

1️⃣ Quarterly SEO strategy planning: identify topics and keywords which can bring in revenue.

These are your “revenue keywords”: the search terms people who are plausibly ready to make a purchase will use.

We group these by topic cluster, aiming to build out areas of Subject Matter Authority that Google will reward.

We’ll research and prioritise these for you based on a number of factors, including search volume, how difficult the term is to rank for, and search intent. These are then checked with our proprietary AI that evaluates the chance a keyword has of making sales for you.

We have experience doing this, and we’re good at it: the end result is a list of keywords we’ll target for you which can actually bring in revenue.

2️⃣ Create outlines and content that answers the searcher’s question – better than the competition.

You’ll see the Contnt Growth really kick in at this stage: we’ll create blog post outlines based on the target keywords. These are summaries which signpost everything a post which can rank highly should cover.

We use ensure your posts have excellent topic coverage, and answer all the questions a searcher plausibly has. Google rewards content like this with the top rankings. FALCON AI helps here.

So that you get efficient content marketing, we’ll identify the most appropriate external writers for you to work with to get these written; this is both cost effective and gives your content production whatever scale you need.

We sit between you and the external writers to ensure the writer gets an outline which enables them to write the most effective post possible for you, that this is properly edited, and then published on a regular schedule.

This ensures you get maximum value from your new posts.

3️⃣ Content promotion to ensure you reach initial readers and get good initial rankings on search engines.

This part is often overlooked: promoting your content to ensure it reaches a good set of initial readers, and search engines get the signal “this is good, it should be ranked highly!”.

Whilst it’s often overlooked, it’s also a key reason why content marketing efforts are often not effective.

You’ll get this taken care of: we’ll promote your content in the most appropriate places, most likely within the WordPress community. This includes industry newsletters, social sharing sites, and weekly roundups. We have good relationships with the people who make make and run these, and will utilise these for you.

The result is your content is seen by people, has a much better chance of ranking better, and can deliver more sales.

4️⃣ Keyword and conversion monitoring to maximise your results.

Once content is published and promoted, the work doesn’t stop! With our SEO Maintenance work, we’ll monitor how your content ranks for its target keywords, and proactively work to improve this.

Using this data we’ll often tweak content: we often add more detail on a section related to a particular keyword, for example, or make the sales pitch for your product stronger.

Your result is the results from your content marketing get better and better over time.

How long does SEO Content take? When should I get started?

SEO Content takes time. Your time horizon should be 6-12 months. We are extremely clear on this: Content Growth gives you the best chance of success with your SEO Content, but it all takes time.

Our clients range from businesses just starting with SEO Content, to huge sites with very high volumes of traffic. We’ll work with you to help you understand what you should expect at each stage. We typically see three stages:

Build, Accelerate, Return: the three phases of Content Growth.

We’ll guide you through each of these stages. The long time horizon means getting started yesterday was the best option. Failing that, today is good. As long as you have product/market fit, SEO Content works in WordPress.

Who else have you worked with?

We’ve done this successfully with clients, and we’ll only recommend going ahead if we’re confident we can do the same for you. is the world-leading website platform. The marketing team wanted to improve their SEO Content results, but needed a partner who could mix content and WordPress expertise. Ellipsis fits that requirement perfectly, and we identified and are executing that SEO Content strategy:

“ is the world-leading website platform. We wanted to improve our Content Marketing and SEO Content results, and started working with Ellipsis as we needed strategic content creators who were WordPress experts.

The Ellipsis team worked with us on creating SEO-optimized content, as well as thought-leadership content in conjunction with internal subject matter experts. Our work together was a flexible partnership, and we started seeing results in Google rankings from the first article.”

Kasey Steinbrinck • Content Marketing Consultant, Automattic

Codeable is the leading WordPress development marketplace. The Codeable team knew SEO should be an opportunity for them, but they needed help identifying and executing the right strategy. The aim was to make SEO Content a major new marketing channel for Codeable. Ellipsis helped them do this:

“We knew SEO was an opportunity for us and we had an initial idea of how to approach it, but we didn’t need have the expertise in-house. Ellipsis helped us validate our approach, and then create a strategy for both technical and non-technical SEO Content.

The SEO Content strategy brought clarity on how to best maximise SEO and content to drive sales. After working with Ellipsis on the strategy, we’re now working with them on implementation to create SEO-optimised content for our site.

I’d highly recommend Ellipsis to WordPress product and service-oriented businesses!”

Tina Kesova • Head of Marketing, Codeable

Weglot has worked with Ellipsis since 2018. In that time, they’ve experienced significant growth, going from €0.5m ARR to over €10m ARR.

SEO Content is a major customer acquisition channel for Weglot. 91% of new content Ellipsis has produced for Weglot has ranked in the top 10, with the fastest top 10 rankings achieved in 2 weeks.

In 2022, Weglot’s blog content saw a 540% increase in organic traffic. Here’s Eugène, Weglot’s CMO:

Ellipsis’ expertise has helped make SEO Content a major part of Weglot’s brand awareness and customer acquisition. We’ve worked with the Ellipsis team for over 3 years, and in that time they’ve consistently suggested great new topics to focus on.

The content is always high quality and delivered on time. It’s been a pleasure working with Ellipsis as we scale Weglot to €10m ARR and beyond.

Eugène Ernoult • CMO, Weglot

Gareth at Plugin Republic engaged us in 2021. Within a year, 97% of the SEO Content we’d created for him was ranking in the top 10. Here’s Gareth:

As someone who is primarily a developer and not a marketer, I’ve found Ellipsis’ expertise in content marketing essential to my business this last year.

Their team is highly professional, everything about the process is smooth, and they consistently provide quality content aimed at the users I want to reach.

Gareth Harris • Founder, Plugin Republic

Sensei is part of Automattic. We increased their organic traffic over 100% in six months with Content Growth. Here’s Ronnie Burt, General Manager of Sensei:

The best part about working with Ellipsis is that they know our audience and our needs. It continues to be a great collaboration and they’ve become a natural extension of our team.

The Ellipsis team use their FALCON AI to find keywords relevant to our target market. The results speak for themselves. I genuinely look forward to the quarterly reports and recommendations from FALCON AI.

What are your Content Growth plans?

SEO Content takes time, and our contracts are structured to let us plan ahead and work in your long-term best interests. You’ll be billed at the start of each month.

We have a 6 month initial period, and then a rolling two full month cancellation period. This ensures we can work together as your long-term partner, and effectively plan ahead with the quarterly keyword planning.

We offer both a “Full Service” end-to-end option where we take care of everything, and a “Foundations” option where you can get our expertise where it’s most valuable and then plug this into your team.

How do I proceed?

Great! Next step is to get in touch. We can discuss your content needs and take it from there. Our contact form is here.

Choose your Content Growth plan

SEO Content is hard and unpredictable. We'll get you best-in-class content that gets you rankings and sales, and uses cutting-edge AI to give your content the best chance of success.

Content Growth Foundations

From $2200 /month
  • Foundations gets you Ellipsis’ expertise, technology, and process – that massively increases your chance of success with SEO Content.

  • You retain control over some parts of the process, giving you more flexibility on writing and costs. Great for bootstrapped founder-led businesses, and in-house marketing teams at larger businesses with an existing content process.

  • Foundations lowers the cost per post, but comes with a higher quantity of posts/month.

Enterprise content team, or content agency? FALCON Enterprise gives you our SEO technology at scale (15-50 posts/month), to plug into your existing content. See here for more details.