SEO Content Marketing can be one of the most effective marketing channels for WordPress businesses, but only if done right. Most of our clients struggle with one or more of these content issues:

  • Written or invested in content, but it’s not ranking
  • Don’t know which keywords or posts people are clicking on
  • Have some traffic but it’s not making sales
  • Willing to try content but don’t know where to focus
  • Don’t know how to prioritise content ideas

You might have also seen competitors or other people in the space doing content marketing successfully – so it must work – but can’t quite work out how to do content in a way that works.

We understand these problems, and can fix them. We call it “content effectiveness”, and it’s our process for creating content which results in sales. We’re market leaders at SEO Content Marketing.

“Ellipsis’ articles are well researched, well written and well optimised for SEO.” Sarah Holt • GoDaddy

This is content marketing, but actually effective, and we’re really good at it.

Whether you’ve been trying content for a while and have seen disappointing results, have a moderately effective strategy already, or want to make sure you start this out properly, this is for you.

We have two content products: we can either make sure you’re doing your content as effectively as possible, or we can take care of all of this for you. If this sounds like something you need, skip to the bottom of the page for more details.

Need more information? Here’s an imaginary Q&A with some of the queries you might have.

🗣This sounds very promising, but can you talk more about the process you use?

Absolutely! This is our tried-and-tested method: we’ve done this with other WordPress businesses and know it works. It’s not “magic”; it’s a thoughtful, data-driven approach to content marketing.

The Ellipsis SEO Content process: end-to-end content that gets results.

Here’s our content effectiveness process:

1️⃣ Identify a list of keywords which can bring in revenue.

These are your “revenue keywords”: the search terms people who are plausibly ready to make a purchase will use.

We’ll research and prioritise these for you based on a number of factors, including search volume, how difficult the term is to rank for, search intent, and our “conversionability” score (our ranking scale for how likely it is the keyword results in sales).

We have experience doing this, and we’re good at it: the end result is a list of keywords we’ll target for you which can actually bring in revenue.

2️⃣ If you have underperforming existing content, we’ll optimise or re-optimise for revenue keywords.

This ensures you get maximum benefit from the investment you’ve already made in content marketing. Any content you have on the second page or below is a candidate for improvement.

We’ll edit both the keyword optimisation and make sure content is suitable for ranking well. Google rewards content which answers a searcher’s query and ensures they don’t have to come back to the search page.

You’ll get your existing content edited so that this is the case, and if suitable sells your products or services.

3️⃣ Create outlines for new content based on the target keywords.

You’ll see the content effectiveness really kick in at this stage: we’ll create blog post outlines based on the target keywords. These are summaries which signpost everything a post which can rank highly should cover.

So that you get efficient content marketing, we’ll identify the most appropriate external writers for you to work with to get these written; this is both cost effective and gives your content production whatever scale you need.

We sit between you and the external writers to ensure the writer gets an outline which enables them to write the most effective post possible for you, that this is properly edited, and then published on a regular schedule.

This ensures you get maximum value from your new posts.

4️⃣ Content promotion to ensure you reach initial readers and get good initial rankings on search engines.

This part is often overlooked: promoting your content to ensure it reaches a good set of initial readers, and search engines get the signal “this is good, it should be ranked highly!”.

Whilst it’s often overlooked, it’s also a key reason why content marketing efforts are often not effective.

You’ll get this taken care of: we’ll promote your content in the most appropriate places, most likely within the WordPress community. This includes industry newsletters, social sharing sites, and weekly roundups. We have good relationships with the people who make make and run these, and will utilise these for you.

The result is your content is seen by people, has a much better chance of ranking better, and can deliver more sales.

5️⃣ Keyword and conversion monitoring to maximise your results.

Once content is published and promoted, the work doesn’t stop! We’ll now monitor how your content ranks for its target keywords and how many conversions it delivers, and proactively work to improve these.

Using this data we’ll often tweak content: we often add more detail on a section related to a particular keyword, for example, or make the sales pitch for your product stronger.

With one client in 2018 we doubled sales from all their blog content by improving how we presented the “now get the product” section of their post, based on the conversion monitoring.

We’ll also do off-page optimisations, including adding appropriate internal links and proactively reaching out to external sites for quality links.

Your result is the results from your content marketing get better and better over time.

🗣Okay, thank you for that detail. That looks very impressive, but I need to know who else you’ve done this with, and the results you’ve created.

Sure! We’ve done this successfully with clients, and we’ll only recommend going ahead if we’re confident we can do the same for you. is the world-leading website platform. The marketing team wanted to improve their SEO Content results, but needed a partner who could mix content and WordPress expertise. Ellipsis fits that requirement perfectly, and we identified and are executing that SEO Content strategy:

“ is the world-leading website platform. We wanted to improve our Content Marketing and SEO Content results, and started working with Ellipsis as we needed strategic content creators who were WordPress experts.

The Ellipsis team worked with us on creating SEO-optimized content, as well as thought-leadership content in conjunction with internal subject matter experts. Our work together was a flexible partnership, and we started seeing results in Google rankings from the first article.”

Kasey Steinbrinck • Content Marketing Consultant, Automattic

Codeable is the leading WordPress development marketplace. The Codeable team knew SEO should be an opportunity for them, but they needed help identifying and executing the right strategy. The aim was to make SEO Content a major new marketing channel for Codeable. Ellipsis helped them do this:

“We knew SEO was an opportunity for us and we had an initial idea of how to approach it, but we didn’t need have the expertise in-house. Ellipsis helped us validate our approach, and then create a strategy for both technical and non-technical SEO Content.

The SEO Content strategy brought clarity on how to best maximise SEO and content to drive sales. After working with Ellipsis on the strategy, we’re now working with them on implementation to create SEO-optimised content for our site.

I’d highly recommend Ellipsis to WordPress product and service-oriented businesses!”

Tina Kesova – (previously) Head of Marketing, Codeable

Here’s Sevy from WooCommerce agency SG Web Partners. We helped Sevy get more traffic, took content creation off his team’s plate, and helped them convert traffic to high-spend WooCommerce projects:

Ellipsis was a huge help to my team at SG Web Partners Their in-depth knowledge of WordPress/WooCommerce and how it relates to SEO and online marketing has been extremely valuable. We’ve implemented many of his strategies and have seen measurable results.

You won’t find anybody or team that knows the WordPress/WooCommerce marketing + organic search space as well as Alex and the team at Ellipsis.

Sevy Gondeck, SG Web Partners

Here’s what Katie Keith from Barn2 says about working with us. Barn2 sell WooCommerce and WordPress plugins, and we’ve been working with them for the last three years. We currently fully manage their content marketing + content effectiveness:

“Ellipsis have worked with us on developing and executing marketing strategy for our WooCommerce plugins over the last three years.

They have an evidence-based approach to marketing where they track effectiveness to make ongoing improvements. This increases the ROI from their work, making it extremely transparent and ensuring that the results get better over time.

I’d recommend them to any WordPress plugin or theme company wishing to grow their sales.”

Katie Keith • Co-founder, Barn2

And here’s Travis Lopes from ForGravity: we identified the SEO Content opportunity, built a strategy from scratch, and then executed it. ForGravity now ranks in the top positions for its target revenue keywords. We continue to work with ForGravity on SEO Content:

“Ellipsis has stepped in and got our marketing much more focused… [Ellipsis helped] rollout a content marketing campaign to improve our discoverability.

The growth in revenue was nearly instant from when we started implementing Ellipsis’ recommendations. The investment made in Ellipsis’ services have paid off multiple times over.

I’d highly recommend them to WordPress product businesses.”

Travis Lopes • Founder, ForGravity

We get results: for added “social proof”, here are some other WordPress businesses we’ve worked on content with ⤵️

🗣 You’ve clearly done this successfully with other WordPress businesses; how do you handle working with competitors?

We don’t work with competitors 🙂 Whilst everything comes under the “WordPress” umbrella, it’s likely there are only a handful of direct competitors targeting the same revenue keywords.

The vast majority of the time there thus aren’t any issues. If you’re especially concerned about this then please let us know when you contact.

🗣 Do you have different levels of service for content effectiveness?

Yes, we understand that different WordPress businesses need different solutions. You may have an existing team you want us to complement – or want us to take care of everything. Let us know what you’re thinking when you get in touch, and we can suggest the most appropriate option.

🗣 Alright, you’ve persuaded me! How do I proceed?

Great! Next step is to get in touch. We’ll give you an honest assessment of if content is a good fit for you, and then we can take it from there. Our contact form is here.

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  • 💸 Content which turns into sales, with specific sales from specific posts tracked using UTM codes

  • 🎯 Content Effectiveness Lite: monitoring of your existing content’s rankings, conversion rate, and sales to ensure they consistently perform

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  • 🤖 Addon: Technical SEO check and fix

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