Content Growth is world-class SEO Content​

The perfect mix of next-generation to select keywords and strategy, and human expert hand-crafted content. SEO Content you’d actually read, that drives real results.

“Of all the SEO firms I’ve worked with, Ellipsis are far and away the best.”

Jon Reilly

Founder & Co-CEO, Akkio

Content Growth delivers high-performant SEO Content on a monthly basis.

We use an incredibly robust process to deliver quality content that gets rankings on-time, every time.
Content Growth clients get SEO Strategy, on-page and off-page SEO, and a set number of quality posts each month.
See how we do it.

“Content Growth has significantly raised our organic traffic and brings in actual business.”

Matthew Holman

Head of Growth, Autoship Cloud

🤔 SEO Strategy

Specifically which SEO Content should you be doing, and how much of it? What about existing content, Technical SEO, and site structure? We take a deep look into your product, audience, and aims, and pick the optimum path for your campaign.


FALCON AI tells us if content will succeed, before we create the content. You might have seen FALCON in the New York Times.

🏭 Content Research

We craft the most detailed content briefs you’ve ever seen, ensuring we capture the magic of your product, nuance of the topic, and answer the searcher questions.

📈 Content Production

Your content is crafted in-house, by one of our team of Content Writers. Whereas most agencies use freelancers – or worse, unsupervised AI – we care about content quality and do all our writing in-house.

🎤 Content Promotion

We promote with a mixture of link building, social media promotion, and industry publications. Promotion includes telling Google about your content, so you get a fast ranking for your primary keyword.

🤖 SEO Maintenance

SEO is constantly evolving, and so is your content. We monitor for rank improvement opportunities, evolving SERPs, and content decay to get you the marginal gains in rankings that add up to big performance improvements.

📊 Rank Tracking

We love reporting our results. Your Content Manager shares reports on work and results at the end of each month, and shares insights into content performance in real-time.

📈 Continuous Improvement

We will take every opportunity to improve your outcomes. We are never satisfied with our performance and are always striving to improve. Your project will get better and better over time.

“In Ellipsis, I’ve found a great partner to help make sure that product gets eyeballs from the right audience. They’ve streamlined the process from keyword to blog post and the numbers speak for themselves.”

Julia Dunlea

VP of Marketing, Akkio

Content Growth is built to offer world class SEO Content to businesses.

For too long, SEO Content has been inconsistent: hit-and-miss results, mixed quality content, and too much wasted budget. We hate this, and we’re on a mission to change it.

Content Growth delivers outstanding SEO Content results, end-to-end.

We take care of everything from SEO Strategy, to Technical SEO, to the most detailed keyword research you’ve ever seen, to leveraging our in-house FALCON AI, to the most detailed content briefs you’ve ever seen, to writing with our in-house team, to beautiful graphics from our in-house designer, to outstanding project management, and clear and frequent communications and reporting.

SEO Content is so rewarding, because it’s winner-takes-all. And we’ll make you the winner. But to do that, we have to control as many variables as we can, and that’s why we take care of absolutely everything.

Our work sits on 4 pillars: expertise, technology, process, and reporting. These pillars bring a strength and reliability to our work: big site, small site; top-of-funnel, bottom-of-funnel; we back ourselves to deliver results every time.

You’ll find the epitome of our approach to solving problems in FALCON AI. Rather than accept hit-and-miss, we built a custom in-house Machine Learning product to predict the ranking of content – before we create it. FALCON AI is rolled into all Content Growth projects and is a significant contributor to our consistent success.

AI is having a moment, but we’ve long seen the potential: FALCON AI was featured in the New York Times in March 2022. FALCON AI is built in-house, by Ellipsis.

For each keyword we consider, FALCON AI generates different 1000s of possible titles, meta descriptions, headings, etc for the content. It then predicts which 1 is going to perform best and outputs the wireframe of the content:

FALCON AI is not writing the content for you. In a generative AI world, you need to differentiate your content from what the AI can produce. That’s why we hand-craft content with our in-house team of writers. We will obsess over the details, from product to 

This is done by our in-house expert writing team, who take the FALCON AI output and craft it into an outstanding piece of content.

FALCON AI is 1 of the 4 pillars that Content Growth is built on. This is just one example of how we’ve built a thoroughly robust process that consistently delivers.

We really care about our work, and your performance. We’re deeply serious about being best-in-class, and Content Growth is how we deliver.

Content Growth is a monthly retainer, starting from $5k a month.

Get in touch to find out more and see if we’re a fit for you.

“FALCON AI regularly suggests keywords that were never even on our radar, leading to significant gains in SEO traffic and conversions.”

Ronnie Burt

Business Lead, Automattic

“FALCON AI gives me the assurance I need to make sure we’re investing our marketing dollars wisely. There is no more guesswork about whether or not this is going to work. We went from shooting in the dark, to clearly defining our targets.”

Mitchell Callahan

CEO, Saucal

Latest case studies

“Ellipsis built an A.I. system that could predict which keyword and title would get his clients’ blog posts the most visibility on Google and other search engines… [results] improved by approximately a third as a result.”