Hi! 👋 Ellipsis is a modern, remote digital marketing agency. We sit at the intersection of digital marketing and the WordPress ecosystem.

Our mission is to produce outstanding results for our clients, lead the improvement and understanding of marketing in WordPress, and have a positive impact on the world.

The team is five people: Alex, Peta, Natasha, George, and Monica. Between us we have the skills “in house” to do marketing strategy and implementation in the most effective areas for WordPress businesses.

As a remote team we carefully balance collaboration with an environment which lets everyone do their very best work. We’re based in the UK but regularly travel for work, WordCamps, and pleasure!

Here are the lovely people you could be working with ⤵️

Alex Denning, Founder@AlexDenning

🇬🇧 Hi, I’m Alex! I’ve been making things with WordPress since 2009, and founded Ellipsis in 2018. I love solving marketing problems, and seeing our work have a really positive impact for clients.

I’m an organiser for WordCamp London, WordPress Core Contributor, and I co-author the MasterWP weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals. I live in Oxford, UK; when not working I love reading, travel, and running!

Natasha Drewnicki, Head of Content and Conversions • Instagram

🇬🇧🇪🇸 Hi, I’m Natasha! I’ve been working across journalism, advertising and inbound marketing since 2009. Today I collaborate closely with the team and experienced content creators to help business owners realise their vision through results-driven content.

I’m based in Bristol, UK, often seeking hidden corners of the world to surf and photograph in my free time.

Peta Armstrong, Head of Outreach and Analytics

🇦🇺 Hi, I’m Peta! I have been in the world of marketing since 2010. I make sure the right people see and share your messages, whether that’s through content, affiliate offers, or SEO. 

Although originally from Australia I have spent most of my adult life based in Europe. In 2015 I became “fully remote”, so now I work and travel full-time from pretty much wherever there’s internet 🌏 Apart from travel I have a passion for self-development, yoga, meditation, and dogs! 

Sunny George, Conversions Manager

🇮🇳🇩🇪 Hi, I’m George! I’ve been working in the digital space for over a decade. I solve the marketing woes of businesses ranging from multinational conglomerates to bootstrapped startups, and help develop effective long-term branding and business development strategies.

As the resident Conversions Manager for Ellipsis, I aim to create solutions that not only acquire new customers for our clients but also retain existing customers and keep them hooked. When I’m not working, I love to travel, read, workout and keep myself busy with multiple creative hobbies.

Monica Pons, Content Manager

Hi, I’m Monica! I’ve been working in marketing and advertising for several years and have a cross-functional experience in online and offline communications.

Thanks to my diverse background and collaborations with global brands, and SMEs, I like to take a 360 degree approach to help clients reach their objectives.

Born in Italy, I have lived most of my life abroad. When I’m not working I like to lift weights and I am also writing my own comedy show (that I may or may not perform on stage one day!).

Pictures from our latest team retreats, in Oxford and the Netherlands ⤵️

We meet ~4 times a year, at dedicated team retreats and regional WordCamps. We’re fully remote the rest of the time, giving a mix of collaboration and letting everyone get on with their best work.