Hello! Thanks for your interest in Ellipsis πŸ™‚ If you’re on this page and work on a WordPress product or service business, you’re in the right place. This is Alex Denning – I’m the founder of Ellipsis.

Alex Denning
Here’s Alex speaking at a WordCamp. This should create social proof that we’re good (which we are).

I’ll let you know right away: you’re on this page because this work can be incredibly valuable for your business.

Just saying that probably hasn’t convinced you, so here’s some more detail, in the form of an imaginary question-and-answer session.

πŸ—£ So what does this work achieve?

Broadly, this work aims to identify the marketing work you’re already doing, what can be improved, and then makes specific recommendations for what marketing channels you can focus on in the next 12-18 months to meet your goals.

You get a Marketing Audit and Strategy PDF document, which contains roughly a dozen pages of personalised, actionable, and effective marketing advice.

πŸ—£ Yeah but what’s actually in the document?

Two things! A marketing audit and marketing strategy.

We’ll start with the marketing audit section, which covers the overall picture and what you’re currently doing:

  1. What’s the market situation and opportunity for your business?
  2. What’s the current situation with your pricing and renewal from existing customers, and what opportunities exist here?
  3. What’s the state of your branding and copy, and how can these be improved to increase your conversion rate?

This section aims to establish where you’re at, but is still actionable: the pricing section alone is typically able to add a huge amount of value. 

We then move on to the marketing strategy section, which aims to identify the specific marketing channels you should focus on – and what to do with them – in the next 12 months, in order to reach your goals.

Ellipsis uses a “channel-based” marketing philosophy. This says that there are dozens of possible marketing channels – from content marketing to paid ads – but you should focus on as few of these channels as possible.

This is incredibly efficient as it totally maximises the channels that definitely work for you, and totally ignores those less effective channels. Over time, as each channel becomes maximised or inefficient, you can then look to add more.

We’ll identify the following channels in order to piece together your marketing strategy:

  1. The 1-2 marketing channels you should definitely work on, with clear, actionable next-steps for how to execute these.
  2. The 2-3 marketing channels you can consider if/when you need to move on to them.
  3. The marketing channels you should definitely avoid. Even just this list is very helpful as it tells you which opportunities to avoid spending money on.

Throughout this section we’ll give you clear, actionable next-steps to follow. You can then either work on these in-house, or have us take care of some or all of them for you. However you choose to proceed, you’ll be armed with the marketing strategy you need to meet your goals in the next 12 months.

πŸ—£ This does sound very good. Expert marketing advice would give my business the direction and focus it needs… But what do I do with the document?

You’re exactly right: this Marketing Audit and Strategy work can give your business the direction and focus it needs to thrive πŸ™‚

The document is standalone and includes actionable and practical next steps, and a checklist to make sure the work gets done! We recommend you spend an hour or two going through the Audit and then discussing key points or queries with Alex.

You’re welcome to carry out the implementation yourself or internally. Or, as is the preference for most clients, we can see what one-off “high impact wins” we can implement for you, and then what opportunities exist for us to add value on an ongoing basis. We can typically get on with these and start getting results for you without requiring too much of your time.

It’s totally up to you πŸ™‚

πŸ—£ You’ve clearly done this before, how much is tailored to my use-case?

We have done this before and know what works, but this is totally customised to your specific use-case, goals, and any extra considerations you give us to work with.

These documents share a similar structure, but that’s it. This ensures you get maximum value πŸ™‚

πŸ—£ I have an established business. Are you able to do more systematic conversion rate optimisation (CRO) for me?

Yes! The Marketing Audit and Strategy is a very good fit for established businesses, and you also have the option of choosing a more thorough CRO audit. You’ll get actionable recommendations on how to increase your conversion rate.

This involves us carrying out user testing and analysing this with the aim of making recommendations which can get your conversion rate as high as possible.

πŸ—£ I have a lot of search traffic. Are you able to do a full Technical SEO Audit for me?

Yes! The regular Marketing Audit and Strategy includes a technical SEO check, but if you have a lot of search traffic then our Technical SEO Audit makes sure you’re not being held back in rankings.

We’ll fully review all of your technical SEO, and give you clear recommendations on what needs attention, and why it’s important. Technical SEO can generate a lot of data you don’t know what to do with: we make sure you have just the information you need, and clear next steps on how to use it.

πŸ—£ Okay, that’s exactly what I need! What about existing clients? What do they say?

Here are a couple of quotes from clients who’ve worked with us on their marketing strategy:

This first one is from Jack Arturo, the founder of WP Fusion, a marketing automation plugin which connects WordPress to pretty much anything. Jack had great product/market fit but knew he could be getting more effective results. That’s what we’ve helped him achieve, first with an Audit and then with content marketing:

I booked a Marketing Audit and Strategy as I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my messaging or marketing. With Ellipsis it felt “right” from the beginning.

I’ve worked with several consultants over the years and they each come in with their own angle, “You need to double your ads spend” or “You need to pivot to video, people don’t want to read things”. These strategies never felt like a good fit for my audience, but I deferred to the “experts”, and ended up wasting a lot of resources in the process.

From the beginning it felt like Alex understood the nuances of marketing in the WordPress plugin ecosystem… The end result feels like a natural evolution of my presence and marketingβ€” more refined and more effective, but also nothing that would alienate my existing customer base. Which is exactly what I was looking for.

I have a better sense of my target audience, and my website better communicates my product value. I also have some actionable steps I can take to increase organic search traffic, and I’ve stopped wasting time / money on some marketing channels that were under-performing.

I’d happily recommend Ellipsis to any product or service business in the WordPress space.

– Jack Arturo β€’ Founder, WP Fusion

Here’s Rich Tabor from CoBlocks, which was acquired by GoDaddy in 2019. We worked with Rich on CoBlocks’ marketing strategy and implementation:

When I started working with Ellipsis, CoBlocks was coming together as the future of Gutenberg, but I knew the marketing needed to improve.

Ellipsis carried out a Marketing Audit and Strategy, which immediately gave me actionable wins to implement. We then also started working on implementing the strategy, and in a short space of time we generated even more excitement about CoBlocks. The product was then acquired by GoDaddy.

Alex and Ellipsis have clarity on what works for WordPress businesses, and they understand how to ensure busy product owners with scarce resources get the best results. I’d highly recommend them.

– Rich Tabor β€’ Founder, CoBlocks

Here’s Tina Kesova, formerly at Codeable, the leading WordPress development marketplace. Tina needed clarity and execution on a winning SEO Content strategy. We delivered this through our Marketing Audit and Strategy Pro package, and then moved to implement with Content Growth:

We knew SEO was an opportunity for us and we had an initial idea of how to approach it, but we didn’t need have the expertise in-house. Ellipsis helped us validate our approach, and then create a strategy for both technical and non-technical SEO Content.

The SEO Content strategy brought clarity on how to best maximise SEO and content to drive sales. After working with Ellipsis on the strategy, we’re now working with them on implementation to create SEO-optimised content for our site.

I’d highly recommend Ellipsis to WordPress product and service-oriented businesses!

Tina Kesova – (previously) Head of Marketing, Codeable

Here’s Eric Daams from Charitable, a WordPress donation plugin, who had a Marketing Audit and Strategy in 2019:

We were struggling to grow Charitable’s reach and revenue, and the Marketing Audit and Strategy has given us the confidence to move forward in a consistent β€” and effective β€” direction.

Ellipsis gave us a clear, actionable plan, with an explanation of why each action was recommended. Previous we would have tried lots of different things, without really knowing what to stick with. Now we have a plan and clear next steps to execute it.

Any WordPress plugin business struggling with their marketing should work with Ellipsis.

– Eric Daams β€’ Co-founder, Charitable

Here’s Iain Poulson from WP User Manager. Iain is an experienced developer who acquired the plugin, and then got help from us to 3x its revenue in 18 months:

I’d just acquired a plugin and didn’t have the time to plan out a marketing strategy, and needed help prioritising key actions to take.

Ellipsis did a full content and marketing audit, and then went onto produce conversion optimised copy and layouts for the home, features, and pricing page for the marketing site.

I’m extremely pleased with the work done by Ellipsis to date. The copy implemented and actions taken on their recommendation has all contributed to a 300% increase in revenue for the plugin.

I’d recommend Ellipsis to WordPress plugin developers looking to outsource marketing to the experts – stop trying to do everything yourselves!

– Iain Poulson β€’ Lead Developer, WP User Manager

Here’s Travis Lopes from ForGravity, a plugin shop selling Gravity Forms addons. We helped Travis dramatically improve pricing, and identify and execute conversion rate and marketing channel recommendations:

“Before we started working with Ellipsis, we had no true guidance on how to properly price and market our WordPress plugins. We were seeing what others were doing and applying it in hopes that it would work. Ellipsis has stepped in and got our marketing much more focused.

We started with a Marketing Audit and Strategy to identify where we could improve pricing and general next steps. The recommendations on pricing in this alone led to thousands of dollar in increased sales just within the first three months! From there, Ellipsis helped us craft more focused landing pages for all of our products and rollout a content marketing campaign to improve our discoverability.

The growth in revenue was nearly instant from when we started implementing Ellipsis’ recommendations. The investment made in Ellipsis’ services have paid off multiple times over. I’d highly recommend them to WordPress product businesses.”

– Travis Lopes β€’ Founder, ForGravity

And here’s James from Iconic, a plugin shop specialising in WooCommerce products:

After booking a Marketing Audit and Strategy, I now see how to create value with our content, and how to convert that into sales of our products. I understand which channels I should focus on, and look forward to focussing on them together! Any WordPress software based business should speak to Ellipsis.

– James Kemp β€’ CEO, Iconic

And finally, here’s another James – James Farmer, the CEO of WPMU DEV, on the value a Marketing Audit and Strategy was able to bring to their huge subscription product business:

If you want a view of opportunities in your WordPress business, Alex is your man. What Ellipsis offers is so rare.

– James Farmer β€’ Founder and CEO, WPMU DEV

πŸ—£ Alrighty, I’m ready to go ahead! How do I proceed?

πŸŽ‰ Great decision! We can’t wait to get stuck into the weeds of your product and identify winning marketing strategies for you.

The next steps are easy: if you’d like to have a chat with Alex about the audit, get in touch and we can arrange a time to talk. We can also confirm our next available date for you. Or, if you’re ready to go ahead, click through to the form linked below, and you can book your slot right away!


P.S. If you have any questions, then let Alex know and he can answer those too. He’s [email protected] if you don’t have his email already. Thanks for reading!

Your expert marketing strategy awaits πŸ‘

Choose your package below, or get in touch for a bespoke option.

Marketing Audit and Strategy Essentials

Β£1500 one-off
  • πŸ“ˆ Actionable recommendations to improve your copy, pricing, and conversion rate

  • 🎯 Finds the 1 essential marketing channel you should focus on

  • πŸš€ Gives you options for 2 extra marketing channels to consider, and brief notes on which ones to avoid

  • βœ… Checklist of next steps for you to implement

  • πŸ€” Deep, expert, thinking about how best to market your product

  • πŸ—£ Follow-up call to discuss the document

  • πŸ‘ Gives you the marketing strategy you need to meet your goals in the next 12 months

  • πŸ’― Option to work with Ellipsis on implementation

  • 🎯 Suitable for WordPress businesses with a single product and/or under $10k/month in sales

We can also offer you a Marketing Audit and Strategy Bespoke, from Β£3.5k one-off. This is our most detailed option, for businesses that need the extra certainty to make the best-informed decisions. Typically that's businesses exploring entering the WordPress market, funded businesses, or businesses doing $100k+/month. If you think we might be able to help you, please get in touch for a discovery chat.