CMO as a Service

CMO-as-a-Service is our highest level of strategy service. We’ll work extremely closely with you over the long term, giving you the one-on-one marketing expertise and insight you need to grow.

You’ll leverage our deep expertise at the intersection of digital marketing and the WordPress economy, letting us unlock opportunities and growth for your business.

This service is for WordPress product businesses with funding or $10-100k/month of revenue and who are looking to take their marketing further, whether they have a marketing resource on board or not.

We’ll help you with long-term growth you won’t otherwise get.

If you fit that category of business, this is a the obvious choice you can make to get better growth.

I’d highly recommend Ellipsis to WordPress product and service-oriented businesses!

Tina Kesova • Head of Marketing, Codeable

🗣 How will we work together?

We want to get you more – and better – growth. We’ll help you both execute your existing marketing activities better, find new marketing opportunities you would otherwise miss, and help you navigate the WordPress economy.

Ellipsis is uniquely placed to deliver: we see and have expertise across the WordPress economy, letting us understand how you’re doing in real time. We’ll leverage this with you to help you unlock growth.

Our work together will revolve around six-monthly strategy cycles. At the start of those cycles we’ll update your strategy docs and create KPIs to focus on for the next 6 months.

Week-to-week we’ll keep track of your KPIs, updating these weekly and reporting them to you with commentary.

We’ll then meet fortnightly with you to discuss marketing progress, product development, your competition, industry trends, scaling your business – you can get our expertise and input as you need.

The focus of this work is strategy, but in-between meetings you can get Ellipsis’ help on implementation as you need. We want to help you move the needle, and you can leverage our marketing resources and expertise as you need.

Ellipsis have clarity on what works for WordPress businesses, and they understand how to ensure busy product owners with scarce resources get the best results. I’d highly recommend them.

Rich Tabor • Founder, CoBlocks (acquired by GoDaddy)

🗣 What qualifies you to do this?

We’re uniquely placed to help you. Ellipsis leads marketing strategy and implementation in WordPress, and our team has more expertise than you can get anywhere else – and the capacity to get things done.

Through our Marketing Audit and Strategy work, we’ve delivered marketing strategy for 50+ businesses across WordPress and WooCommerce, from small plugin businesses to the very largest companies in WordPress. Some of our clients are below.

🗣 Who is this for?

This service is for WordPress product businesses with $10k-$100k+/month of revenue, where either a Founder or Cofounder is leading marketing, or you have a small marketing team, including a Marketing Manager. You have regular marketing work done, either with us, in-house, or with another supplier, but you’re missing out on high-level strategic expertise.

We’ll work together on six-month strategy cycles. We’ll set strategy at the start of the period, and then monitor progress and make tweaks on a regular basis.

The aim is to provide regular monitoring and input on strategy so that you can get the most out of your marketing channels, take advantage of opportunities in a shifting WordPress economy, and maintain your competitive advantages.

This gives you a much higher chance of meeting your business, revenue, and marketing goals.

You’ll get more and better growth, and make significant progress on your marketing – with the confidence your strategy will be effective.

I’d recommend them to any WordPress plugin or theme company wishing to grow their sales.

Katie Keith • Co-founder, Barn2

🗣 How do the six month cycles work?

At the start of each six month cycle, we’ll work with you on strategy-setting o you can meet your goals over the next cycle. This involves a condensed version of our Marketing Audit and Strategy work, where we’ll flag areas of interest and marketing channels to develop. From these, we’ll develop KPIs to track progress on a weekly basis.

We’ll create three sets of metrics with you:

  1. Top level metrics: these are the main priorities for the period.
  2. Why metrics: these inform the top level metrics. If a top level metric is customer revenue, here we’d track the number of new customers.
  3. Action metrics: these inform the why metrics, and are what we have control over. This might include number of new blog posts, number of marketing emails sent, number of referrals requested, and so on.

All of these will go in a KPI Dashboard spreadsheet, which we’ll keep updated each week for you. This will then be the basis of our fortnightly calls.

🗣 Am I locked in?

Whilst we’ll set six-monthly, we don’t tie in clients. You just need to give us one full month’s notice should you with to cancel.

🗣 Is this strategy or implementation?

This is strategy. We expect most clients who take this service to either have marketing capacity in-house or also work with us on implementation, but any implementation work will be done and billed separately.

🗣 What do I get?

CMO-as-a-Service is productised with the below:

  • Expert marketing guidance as you grow your business. We’ll guide your through an uncertain future – and help you thrive.
  • Six-monthly update to your Marketing Audit and Strategy, focusing on: analysis of current marketing activities, strategy on how to implement, advice on how to optimise, and then implementation advice, and creation of KPIs for regular monitoring.
  • Co-develop marketing KPIs with you, and own overall strategy and execution to get you there.
  • Fortnightly KPI review and marketing strategy calls
  • Weekly KPI updates, reported to you.
  • Ad-hoc work available for implementation from the Ellipsis team.

The lead on CMO-as-a-Service projects is James Baldacchino, our Senior Marketing Strategist. James can call on the rest of the Ellipsis team as needed.

We’re charging £1500/month for this work. If you have a Content Growth contract with us you can save 20%, making this £1200/month.

If you’d like to discuss this with us, please get in touch with Alex: [email protected] You can also book a 30 minute consultation call here.

Make real progress

CMO as a service

We'll help you make real long term progress with your marketing. Ellipsis as your "chief marketing officer" gives you expert marketing leadership – letting you focus elsewhere, and giving you a much higher chance of meeting your goals.