Conversion-Focused Copy: for product and service pages

Your website copy is where visitors are going to decide whether or not to purchase from you. Giving money to strangers, via the internet is a tough ask, and your visitors will have psychological hurdles in getting to the point where they’ll pay you.

If your copy isn’t good enough, it’s not going to make as many sales as it could or should. We can fix this for you: we’ll make your copy really good, and get you more conversions.

You’ll get conversion-focused website and product copy which pays for itself.

We’ll understand your product, your market, and your customers, to deliver effective copy for:

  • Product pages on your website
  • Services pages on your website
  • Homepages, about, and contact pages
  • Plugin listings on
  • Freemium upgrades from free to paid plugins

We’ll deliver this as one-off work so you get maximum effectiveness: for small and medium businesses we’ll deliver a one-off improvement to your copy, and for larger businesses we’ll follow this up with testing and tweaking.

Got some questions? Here’s an imaginary Q&A:

🗣 How will you understand what my customers need?

A “word cloud” generated from pre-sale queries is a good example of how we can prioritise language your customers use.

You need copy which speaks closely to the problems your customers are trying to solve, so that they’re “nodding along” as they read, thinking “yes! This is exactly what I require.”

Getting to this point requires understanding what your customers need, what they value about your product or service, and the problem they’re trying to solve. We’ll do these by talking to you and asking a couple of questions, and getting data which can ensure we understand your customers:

  • For product businesses, we can look at pre-sales questions and customer support tickets to see how problems are described and what is valued.
  • For agencies, we may ask to see anonymised contact form data so that we can see how your enquirers describe their problems.

In both cases, we’ll look for trends and the language used, and use this to ensure the copy across the site resonates deeply with what your customers need. We’ll get potential customers are “nodding along”, all the way through to phoning or emailing you.

🗣 I don’t want to have “marketing speak”. How will you make sure the copy matches my brand?

We’ll always make sure your copy matches the tone and brand you want. We’ll find out what “tone” you want by talking to you, and then craft copy which fits this.

We’re versatile, and have done this for clients who need the most effective copy possible, to clients who prefer an informal tone, to clients with a strong existing brand.

🗣 How do you make sure the copy delivers more conversions?

Our content process is built around getting you more conversions.

We start with discovery to ensure we can match how customers talk about your products or services. We’d look at pre-sales queries (these can be anonymised) to make sure we’re clear what problems potential customers are trying to solve, the language they use, and the objections they have. This will make sure the new text 100% speaks to what customers want and need.

You’ll then have this turned into conversion-focused copy, which we deliver to you on a conversion-focused wireframe. This ensures you or your designer can easily turn the copy into a design which gets results.

Particular areas we focus on:

  1. Ensuring outcomes are properly explained
  2. Improving social proof/testimonials
  3. Ensuring the copy effectively addresses pain points, concerns, and anxieties potential customers face
An example of a conversion-focused wireframe! This has sample text; for your project we’ll put your actual copy on the wireframe so you can see what goes where, and none of our conversion-rate expertise is lost.

And then everything else on our proprietary fifteen-step conversion rate optimisation checklist, compiled from working with WordPress product and service businesses of all range of sizes. This ensures you get the very best copy, first time.

We typically intuitively get this right, but can follow-up with conversion rate monitoring and A/B testing to ensure you get the best results possible.

That is how we make sure our copy gets you more conversions.

A plugin listing we’ve optimised 🚀

🗣 What about WordPress specific use cases, like the plugin repository, freemium upgrades, or enterprise WordPress services?

Ellipsis is a specialist WordPress marketing agency, and we’re experts in WordPress specific use cases. The examples above – the plugin repository, freemium upgrades, and enterprise WordPress services – are good examples of where we’ve done this, and we’ve likely already done whatever niche use-cases you have.

We understand WordPress, and this is part of what makes our copy so effective.

🗣Okay, thank you for that detail. That looks very impressive, but I need to know who else you’ve done this with, and the results you’ve created.

Sure! We’ve done this successfully with clients, and we’ll only recommend going ahead if we’re confident we can do the same for you.

Here’s what Rahul Bansal, the CEO of rtCamp, says about working with us. rtCamp are a global VIP agency who make WordPress solutions for the biggest businesses in the world, including Facebook. We overhauled all of rtCamp’s copy to make it more effective:

“Our website copy wasn’t reflecting what we can do, or who we are, so we asked Ellipsis to rework it for us.

When we first received the content, I thought we were reading about another agency! It took me a second to realize that we have a lot to brag about – in a very good way – and the new copy expressed this clearly and concisely.

Alex and Natasha deep dived into what makes us special, and did a great job expressing that to target clients.”

– Rahul Bansal • CEO, rtCamp

And here’s Brian Hogg, the founder of Events Calendar Shortcode, a plugin which lets users display a shortcode or block of their upcoming events. We’ve paraphrased this to cut out the other nice things Brian says about us, which aren’t relevant to copy:

“I needed to know where to focus my marketing efforts, and improve my landing page copy. Ellipsis helped me with both of these.

[Ellipsis] reworked my copy on and the landing page for the premium version, making these much clearer and easier for potential customers to understand.

Any WordPress plugin or theme business should get in touch!”

– Brian Hogg • Founder, The Events Calendar Shortcode

And here’s Iain Poulson, who runs WP User Manager:

“Ellipsis did a full Content and Marketing audit, and then went onto produce conversion optimised copy and layouts for the home, features, and pricing page for the marketing site.

I’m extremely pleased with the work done by Ellipsis. The copy implemented and actions taken on their recommendation has all contributed to a 300% increase in revenue for the plugin.”

– Iain Poulson • Lead Developer, WP User Manager

Other clients we’ve worked with on copy projects include:

🗣 This sounds ideal! How do I make a start?

Great! Get in touch with us by clicking the contact link below, and we’ll take it from there 🙂

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Alex Denning is the Founder and Managing Director of Ellipsis®, a world-class SEO Content agency. Alex is the inventor of FALCON AI®, the next-generation AI SEO platform that helps you predict how your content will perform – before you create it. Alex is an international speaker and publishes regularly on the future of SEO. @AlexDenning on Twitter