How Akkio increased organic traffic 55x to 35k/month

“Of all the SEO firms I’ve worked with, Ellipsis are far and away the best.”

Jon Reilly, Co-CEO, Akkio

Akkio offers next-generation generative business intelligence for analysts, letting them analyze data, predict the future, and gain insights wildly faster than ever before.

Akkio worked with Ellipsis from 2021, and with us on our flagship Content Growth service from April 2023. Over this period, Akkio’s organic traffic has increased from under 1k/month to a peak of 35k/month, with Content Growth powering 39% of organic traffic by September 2023.

Showcasing Akkio through content

Akkio offers its customers a new and revolutionary way of working with data, and the challenge with Content Growth has been to introduce these new possibilities to potential customers whilst still answering the question they’re searching to find answers on.

AI and Machine Learning are obviously complex topics, but this is no problem for Ellipsis’ Content team. Our in-house writing team has significant Technical experience, including on AI topics, and we utilized this to create interesting, accurate, and insightful content.

One of the ways the content can be enhanced is through integrating high-quality, on-brand visuals into the content. This lets us illustrate points clearly and help the searcher find the information they need, whilst also signaling to the searcher the level of quality they can expect from Akkio:

Illustration of how a data warehouse compares to a data lake, created for Akkio by Ellipsis’ in-house designer.

Tight feedback loop between product and content for product <> content fit

The AI landscape has evolved significantly and rapidly since we first started working with Akkio, and Akkio’s key messaging has evolved with its product too.

It’s been important to be able to respond quickly to market signals and new product features, and quickly get content out that capitalizes on these. We achieved this by liaising closely on product with the Marketing team, and ensuring alignment for conversions through conversations with Sales.

Where there were new features – for example, the debut of the Chat Explore feature – we moved quickly to integrate this into existing content and adjust future content to capitalize on the opportunities this opened up:

An Akkio blog post featuring the Chat Explore feature.

Great – and fast – rankings, powered by FALCON AI

A tight product <> content loop is helped by fast rankings when content is published.

We of course utilized our FALCON AI on Akkio’s content. We’ve reported before how the speed of FALCON AI powered content is akin to ad-like performance, and this is obviously helpful when you’re trying to react quickly to an evolving market.

As with all of our Content Growth projects, using FALCON AI we’re able to turn possible pieces of content into structured data, generate different versions at scale, and then use Machine Learning to predict which 1 will perform best:

Part of Ellipsis’ FALCON AI runs on Akkio’s AI platform. You may have seen both FALCON AI and Akkio in the New York Times. With Akkio as a proponent of next-generation technology, leveraging FALCON AI on the content has been a great way of putting this into practice.

World-class SEO Content drives growth

AI is a revolutionary technology, and Akkio is driving change, efficiencies, and significant improvements for its customers and the industry. With Content Growth, we’ve been able to bring these benefits to a wider audience.

Here’s Julia Dunlea, VP of Marketing at Akkio:

“In Ellipsis, I’ve found a great partner to help make sure that product gets eyeballs from the right audience. They’ve streamlined the process from keyword to blog post and the numbers speak for themselves.”

You can find out more about Content Growth here.

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Alex Denning is the Founder and Managing Director of Ellipsis®, a world-class SEO Content agency. Alex is the inventor of FALCON AI®, the next-generation AI SEO platform that helps you predict how your content will perform – before you create it. Alex is an international speaker and publishes regularly on the future of SEO. @AlexDenning on Twitter