Recipe for Success: How Content Growth Increased Organic Traffic 78% for WP Recipe Maker

WP Recipe Maker is loved by thousands and thousands of recipe blogs across the world. Recipe blogs are demanding space: your recipes need to look beautiful, be easily accessible across devices, and you need everything from the quantities of ingredients to reviews to nutrition facts to be structured appropriately for readers and Google.

With recipe blogs often getting millions of views per year, a good recipe plugin needs to be extremely robust and easy to use.

Founder, Brecht, first started working with us in February 2020, we did some initial projects together and after seeing success, we started work on Content Growth proper in late 2022. In 9 months, WP Recipe Maker saw:

    • Overall organic traffic increased 78%

    • Content Growth powers 72% of WPRM’s organic traffic, growing at a rate of 18% month-on-month

Here’s the overall traffic growth, and the share powered by Content Growth:

We’re really pleased with the growth we’ve delivered for WP Recipe Maker. Here’s Brecht, Founder:

Being a one-person company I often get swamped with development and support. With Ellipsis by my side I feel confident about a long term content strategy that doesn’t require me to spin yet another plate. Their team takes a lot of work out of my hands and does it better than I ever could have done.

FALCON AI finds winning keywords to target

One of the primary challenges on the WPRM project was finding good keywords to target. Everything we do at Ellipsis flows from keyword selection, and we put a huge amount of work into ensuring we select the finest keywords.

This part of the process is enhanced by our FALCON AI, and this helped us solve one of the challenges that held us back on Content Growth initially: finding enough keywords to target in order to create a winning content strategy.

Whilst only a finite number of people each month search for recipe plugins, significantly more search for solutions related to problems they have with their recipe blogs.

Using FALCON AI, we can identify topic clusters that might be a fit for WPRM, analyze every single individual keyword, and see specifically what content we’d need to create in order to rank.

The opportunity with AI is to go wildly beyond what a human can possibly do by themselves, and FALCON AI let us do this here.

We analysed thousands of keywords for WPRM, in order to meet the modest 3x posts/month we needed. For every post we’ve published, we’ve looked at 300-500 possible keywords. Keyword selection is one of the most under-rated parts of the SEO Content process, and that is how seriously we take it!

For each post, as on all Content Growth projects, FALCON AI is predicting specifically the title, meta description, headings, word count, etc, that we need to use in order to get the top ranking. Here’s a visualization of that process:

Technology is one of the core pillars of Content Growth, alongside expertise, process, and reporting. Our Strategy team takes the output from FALCON AI and crafts it into a winning SEO Content strategy.

FALCON AI gives us the core wireframe of the content – its output is limited to titles, headings, meta description, etc – and this then goes over to the Content team for crafting into something beautiful.

Content solves problems for searchers, with real examples

Content Growth shows searchers how to solve their problem, featuring the client’s product. WP Recipe Maker’s content is a great example of this. With thousands of customers using the product to get success with their recipe blogs, we’ve got endless live examples to draw on.

Once we’ve identified the topic for the content, our Strategy team finds examples of real-world sites using WP Recipe Maker for the Content team to feature. This keeps the product front-and-center in the post, and ensures the reader can see exactly how WP Recipe Maker can help them.

In the example below, we’re covering how to get “Jump to recipe” buttons on your recipe blog. Many recipe blogs will include an extensive backstory about the recipe – which Google sees as essential! – so a “Jump to recipe” button is a nice user experience addition to help readers get the action faster. Instead of just talking about the solution, we show 2 examples from real-life sites:

It’s easy to be specific and inspired after seeing this. WP Recipe Maker is a great product, so we need no excuse to show it off! All of this helps with getting conversions, our top priority once the reader is on the page.

World-class SEO Content drives growth

WP Recipe Maker is an extremely enjoyable client to work on. The world of food blogging is a fascinating space, and WP Recipe Maker is a great product that helps a lot of people. It’s been a pleasure bringing Brecht growth to his business. Here’s Brecht:

In Ellipsis, I’ve found a great partner to help make sure that product gets eyeballs from the right audience. They’ve streamlined the process from keyword to blog post and the numbers speak for themselves.

You can find out more about Content Growth here.

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Alex Denning

Alex Denning is the Founder and Managing Director of Ellipsis®, a world-class SEO Content agency. Alex is the inventor of FALCON AI®, the next-generation AI SEO platform that helps you predict how your content will perform – before you create it. Alex is an international speaker and publishes regularly on the future of SEO. @AlexDenning on Twitter