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Unleashing the Power of Search Experience Optimisation: Beyond Clicks to Conversions

In today’s ever-changing search environment, it’s not enough to just show up on search engine results pages (SERPs). You need to deliver world-class content that leaves a lasting impression on users. At Ellipsis, we focus on the entire user journey, our content is more than just about SERP visibility; it drives real conversions. We stand out by being transparent and innovative, guaranteeing you the best experience in the digital landscape.

In this post we’ll explore the nuances of user engagement, emphasizing the importance of capturing and holding a user’s interest. We’ll shed light on how Ellipsis crafts strategies to not just attract, but deeply resonate with users; ensuring that each click evolves into a meaningful, conversion driven journey.

Beyond the Click – The User Search Experience

While clicks from search engine results pages (SERPs) are undeniably important, they represent just one piece of the puzzle. Measuring success is more than just counting clicks.

Elements like site speed, mobile optimization, intuitive site structure, and the delivery of top-tier, relevant content aren’t just checkboxes on a list. They serve as the foundation of a positive user journey. At Ellipsis, even as we strategise keywords and draft content, we anchor our process in user-centric questions: Will our efforts address user queries effectively? Are we solving their challenges? Can we guide them seamlessly from initial interest to final conversion? Are we demonstrating experience and expertise?

In the sections that follow, using real scenarios from our clients, we shed light on the subtle, yet powerful strategies that have amplified conversions and engagements. Along the way, we’ll also arm you with pragmatic strategies designed to elevate site engagement, helping to keep you ahead in the evolving landscape of SEO.

From Traffic to Genuine Engagement – A Deeper Dive

In June 2023, one of our clients celebrated a noteworthy milestone, generating a substantial number of clicks per month from organic sources. 

While their content’s growth was significant, showing a 12% increase in July is indeed promising, we firmly believe that raw traffic isn’t the endgame – it’s effective conversion that truly counts.

We dove deep into their site analytics looking for potential areas that might be causing conversion leaks and identified that whilst their product page optimization was solid, further refinement wouldn’t necessarily lead to a dramatic surge in conversions. An increase in engagement rate though, could well be the answer.

The level of engagement on a site is testament to how effectively a page holds a user’s interest post-click. It’s a reflection of how well we’ve understood and catered to the users search intent and can be measured by either the time someone stays on a page, the actions that they take on it and/or how many pages they visit whilst they stay. If you’re interested in measuring your own engagement rate, you can do this in Google Analytics by going to:

 Reports, Engagement, Pages and Screens.

Screenshot of Google Analytics

When you scroll down to the table you’ll be able to see the average engagement time. Compare the date range and you will be able to monitor how you’re doing and understand if the content on your site is resonating with your audience.

Screenshot from Google Analytics

This was one of the metrics we looked at for our client and once we analyzed the data and the on page experience, we advised the removal of all instances of their free plugin from the product pages. Our goal was to streamline the offering, reducing potential decision fatigue for visitors.

We found that terms like ‘Software Updates’ and ‘Priority Support’ were too ambiguous and we advocated for a clearer presentation. Instead of merely stating ‘Priority Support,’ we recommended detailing exactly what this entails, answering potential questions like, “How quickly can I expect a response?” and “Do I get dedicated support personnel?”

Screenshot of a CTA box

We emphasized that a Call-To-Action (CTA) box is not just a mere button – it’s a spotlight on the product’s value. We restructured the CTAs to capture attention more effectively, focusing on the product’s USPs.

Screenshot of a website

Our experience shows that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tweaks, while seemingly minor, can lead to major results. Often, it’s these nuanced changes that constitute 20% of the effort but yield 80% of the results. With hundreds of successful optimizations under our belt, we were confident in our strategy.

The client is already starting to see a few better days of sales and is hopeful that the improvements we suggested are having an impact. They are working on implementing more of the changes to the theme, which will also help. Having made these changes we will continue to report on the findings, monitor the process and implement any tweaks as we see fit.

The process above is one that we recommend to all our clients and encourage you to do the same if you want to see an increase in your engagement levels and subsequent conversions.  

Before we go though we’d like to share with you some practical strategies which will help you enhance the level of engagement on your site.

  • Interactive Elements:  Infographics, interactive charts, or short quizzes can keep users engaged and make them spend more time on your page.
  • Engaging Visuals:  High-quality images, videos, and infographics can make users linger longer. 
  • Internal Linking: Providing relevant internal links can encourage users to explore more of your website. For example, a blog post on “The Basics of SEO” could link to a more advanced article like “Technical SEO Best Practices”.
  • Clear and Intuitive Navigation: Ensure your website is easy to navigate, with a logical structure and clear CTAs.
  • Mobile Optimization: With a growing number of users accessing sites via mobile devices, ensure your website is mobile-responsive. 

The Quest for Genuine Conversions

Our mantra is precision over volume. We don’t just aim for traffic; we aim for the right kind of traffic. Our strategies delve deep into understanding our audience’s psyche, discerning their search intentions, and tailoring our offerings not just to earn their click, but to journey with them towards meaningful action – be it a purchase, a sign-up, or any other conversion metric.

So, yes, clicks are of course a critical performance indicator that we report on monthly for our clients, but they are merely a single piece of a much larger, intricate SEO jigsaw. The reality lies in the entirety of the search experience – from the initial search query to the way your users engage with the content and, ultimately the conversion. 

With Ellipsis, it’s not just about SEO as you know it; it’s about redefining it as Search Experience Optimization. As we march into the future, we’re not just your service providers; we’re your partners, dedicated to magnifying your online presence and unlocking your brand’s full potential.

Let’s co-create a legacy of meaningful online interactions, ensuring your audience always returns, ready to engage! Get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!

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Alex Denning is the Founder and Managing Director of Ellipsis®, a world-class SEO Content agency. Alex is the inventor of FALCON AI®, the next-generation AI SEO platform that helps you predict how your content will perform – before you create it. Alex is an international speaker and publishes regularly on the future of SEO. @AlexDenning on Twitter