Marketing for WordPress businesses 🌍📈🙂

Hello! Welcome to Ellipsis Marketing, a digital marketing agency for WordPress businesses.

We do really good results-focused marketing work for WordPress product businesses and WordPress agencies.

We sit at the intersection of digital marketing and the WordPress community, giving us a deep level of expertise about the unique challenges and solutions facing businesses in the WordPress space.

As you’ll see on the next page, we’re specialists in marketing strategy, effective content marketing, optimised product and services copy, and outreach and promotion.

What could you do with a focused marketing strategy, and an expert marketing team?

Fred Meyer

The structure and rigor of Alex’s insight into digital marketing is absolutely invaluable, and he’s a true pleasure to work with. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.

Fred Meyer,
Alex Denning

Alex Denning

Hey, I'm Alex! I'm Managing Director of Ellipsis. I'm @AlexDenning 👏

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