FALCON AI almost guarantees top-10 rankings for Barn2's SEO Content

“FALCON AI helps our new content to rank much more quickly, and maximizes the chance that each piece of content will generate sales.”

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Katie Keith, Operations Director, Barn2

Barn2 is a leading provider of WordPress and WooCommerce products. With over 20 products in their portfolio, Barn2 have worked with Ellipsis since Ellipsis’ founding in 2018.

Over that time, we’ve supported the business across multiple services, including our Audit and StrategyCMO-as-a-service, as well as our Content Growth work, and the collaboration with the Barn2 team has only continued to expand as both grew.

SEO Content is Barn2’s largest customer acquisition channel. Ellipsis has worked on 100+ pieces of content for Barn2, with this work delivering very substantial revenue and return on investment.

Since the introduction of Ellipsis’ FALCON AI in October 2021, Barn2’s content is ranking faster and better than ever before. Before the introduction of FALCON AI, we typically saw content take 6-7 months to achieve a top 10 ranking. With FALCON AI, this has come down significantly.

For the period October 2021 to January 2022, we worked on 15 pieces of content for Barn2. With FALCON AI, it’s taking Barn2 just 3 months for 75% of content to rank in the top 10. All of the content is on track to reach the top 10.

This is a huge deal: FALCON AI is ensuring we pick the right keywords, accurately understand the intent and what needs to be written, and ensure it’s executed to a level which has Google delivering rankings almost instantly. There was historically more randomness in Barn2’s content performance: with FALCON AI, we eliminate “bad” content ideas at the evaluation stage.

The almost-instant results FALCON AI is driving makes the SEO Content look much more like the performance you’d see from paid ads. The key difference between SEO Content and paid ads is the minute you stop spending on ads, the results stop. With SEO Content, you invest in it once, and it keeps giving you return over the long term.

Says Katie:

“FALCON AI helps our new content to rank much more quickly, and maximizes the chance that each piece of content will generate sales. A huge amount of data from lots of different plugin companies goes into FALCON, which is very valuable. It would be very difficult for us to achieve the same results ourselves, and helps to eliminate the guesswork of SEO.”

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100% in top 10

FALCON AI powered SEO Content on-track with top 10 rankings

2x faster rankings

75% SEO Content in the top 10 within 3 months. FALCON AI powered content is ranking in the top 10 2x as fast.

100+ content pieces

100+ pieces of SEO Content; these results are at scale.

We also support Barn2 with our flagship Strategy product, CMO-as-a-Service. Of particular interest is pricing: Barn2 have a lot of products, and each product has multiple pricing tiers. Optimising these is a significant revenue maximiser. We undertake regular research into pricing structures and strategies, using structured data and analysis to give recommendations on action.

This regular work, alongside fortnightly Strategy meetings, has acted as the basis of major pricing decisions which have contributed to Barn2’s growth of the years, framing next steps and giving context and guidance to the big decisions for the business. Here’s Katie Keith speaking about what our pricing strategies have driven for Barn2:

"It’s very difficult to have an evidence-based approach to pricing because so many factors affect sales at different times of year, and it takes time to see the results of pricing changes. Ellipsis have shown huge commitment in trawling through the huge amount of complex (and not very well organised!) sales data on our website. They then format the data in a logical way and use it to spot trends and spot new pricing opportunities which I wasn’t able to find on my own."

Katie Keith, Co-founder, Barn2