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Alex Denning
👋 Hey, this is Alex

Hi! This is Alex Denning: I’m the Founder of Ellipsis.

You’ve reached this extra-special page as we should probably have a chat about your WordPress business’ marketing.

Ellipsis does marketing just for WordPress businesses. We work exclusively with WordPress plugins, hosting, SaaS, and agencies, and this gives us deep specialised expertise.

If you don’t understand how the WordPress ecosystem, economy, and community works, it’s very hard to get results in this space.

We mix this understanding with world-class digital marketing, making for an outstanding combination.

I’d love to have a chat to see how we can help you with marketing. You can choose a time on my calendar below, or reach me: [email protected].

You can get most of the marketing work a WordPress business needs from us.

We do both strategy and implementation in-house for the most effective channels, including SEO Content, Conversion-focused copy, and Revenue-focused email marketing. Most of our clients start with our Marketing Audit and Strategy work.

I’m very happy to discuss your needs on a call. Our productised services may be a good fit out of the box, or we can create a bespoke proposal for you.

And finally, clients love working with us: Ellipsis is a modern, ethical business (we’re aiming to become a B Corporation in 2021 and donate 1% of our revenue to effective charities). Below are a couple of clients we’ve worked with. I’d love to add you to the list!

You can choose a time on my calendar here 🙂

Look forward to speaking soon!

– Alex Denning, Founder

Alex Denning

Alex Denning

Hey, I'm Alex! I'm Managing Director of Ellipsis. I'm @AlexDenning 👏

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