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SEO Content Strategy and Implementation for

✅ is the world-leading website platform. ✅ Services provided: 🤔 Bespoke SEO Content and Technical SEO Audit, followed by 🖋 SEO Content Creation.

Kasey Steinbrinck • Content Marketing Consultant, Automattic

“ is the world-leading website platform. We wanted to improve our Content Marketing and SEO Content results, and started working with Ellipsis as we needed strategic content creators who were WordPress experts.

The Ellipsis team worked with us on creating SEO-optimized content, as well as thought-leadership content in conjunction with internal subject matter experts. Our work together was a flexible partnership, and we started seeing results in Google rankings from the first article.”

— Kasey Steinbrinck • Content Marketing Consultant, Automattic.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation for CoBlocks

✅ CoBlocks is a page builder plugin for Gutenberg that was acquired by GoDaddy in 2019. ✅ Services provided: 🤔 Marketing Audit and Strategy, followed by bespoke implementation.

Rich Tabor • Founder, CoBlocks

“When I started working with Ellipsis, CoBlocks was coming together as the future of Gutenberg, but I knew the marketing needed to improve.

Ellipsis carried out a Marketing Audit and Strategy, which immediately gave me actionable wins to implement. We then also started working on implementing the strategy, and in a short space of time we generated even more excitement about CoBlocks. The product was then acquired by GoDaddy.

Alex and Ellipsis have clarity on what works for WordPress businesses, and they understand how to ensure busy product owners with scarce resources get the best results. I’d highly recommend them.”

– Rich Tabor • Founder, CoBlocks

Content Marketing That Makes Sales for Barn2

✅ Barn2 sell WooCommerce plugins, and are one of the biggest independent stores doing so. ✅ Services provided: 🤔 Marketing Audit and Strategy, 🖋 Content Marketing Effectiveness, 📈 Conversion-Focused Copy.

Katie Keith • Co-founder, Barn2

“Ellipsis have worked with us on developing and executing marketing strategy for our WooCommerce plugins over the last two years. They have an evidence-based approach to marketing where they track effectiveness to make ongoing improvements. This increases the ROI from their work, making it extremely transparent and ensuring that the results get better over time.

Alex and his team are very well connected within the WordPress community, and know just about everyone! This brings huge advantages to everyone working with them, which you wouldn’t get from hiring a more general marketing company.

I’d recommend them to any WordPress plugin or theme company wishing to grow their sales.”

– Katie Keith • Co-founder, Barn2 Media

Conversion-Optimised Copy for rtCamp

✅ rtCamp are a VIP agency, providing enterprise WordPress solutions for clients like Facebook, News UK, and PMC. ✅ Service provided: Conversion-Focused Copy.

Rahul Bansal • CEO, rtCamp

“Our website copy wasn’t reflecting what we can do, or who we are, so we asked Ellipsis to rework it for us.

When we first received the content, I thought we were reading about another agency! It took me a second to realize that we have a lot to brag about – in a very good way – and the new copy expressed this clearly and concisely.

Alex and Natasha deep dived into what makes us special, and did a great job expressing that to target clients.”

Rahul Bansal • CEO, rtCamp

Content Training for Wholegrain Digital

✅ Wholegrain Digital are a London-based WordPress agency and registered B Corp. ✅ Services provided: 🖋 Content Marketing Effectiveness, 📈 Conversion-Focused Copy.

Tom Greenwood • Managing Director, Wholegrain Digital

“We were struggling to create meaningful content, and worked with Ellipsis to help our team write high quality, interesting articles – and make sure people actually read them.

As a team we have learned a lot about writing better articles and gained confidence to communicate our thoughts and experiences. We have also had success getting our articles read and shared by others in our industry, helping us to share the things we care about and raise our brand profile.

I’d happily recommend Ellipsis to design and technology businesses looking to tell their story in a crowded marketplace.”

– Tom Greenwood • Managing Director, Wholegrain Digital

Marketing Strategy for WP Fusion

✅ WP Fusion connects WordPress to anything. ✅ Services provided: 🤔 Marketing Audit and Strategy, 🖋 Content Marketing Effectiveness.

Jack Arturo • Founder, WP Fusion

“I booked a Marketing Audit and Strategy as I didn’t have a lot of confidence in my messaging or marketing. With Ellipsis it felt “right” from the beginning… The end result feels like a natural evolution of my presence and marketing— more refined and more effective, but also nothing that would alienate my existing customer base. Which is exactly what I was looking for.

I have a better sense of my target audience, and my website better communicates my product value. I also have some actionable steps I can take to increase organic search traffic, and I’ve stopped wasting time / money on some marketing channels that were under-performing.

I’d happily recommend Ellipsis to any product or service business in the WordPress space.

– Jack Arturo • Founder, WP Fusion

Marketing Strategy, Copy, and Content for ForGravity

✅ ForGravity sells powerful addons to Gravity Forms. ✅ Services provided: 🤔 Marketing Audit and Strategy 🖋 SEO Content Marketing, 📈 Conversion-Focused Copy.

Travis Lopes • Founder, ForGravity

“Before we started working with Ellipsis, we had no true guidance on how to properly price and market our WordPress plugins. We were seeing what others were doing and applying it in hopes that it would work. Ellipsis has stepped in and got our marketing much more focused.

We started with a Marketing Audit and Strategy to identify where we could improve pricing and general next steps. The recommendations on pricing in this alone led to thousands of dollar in increased sales just within the first three months! From there, Ellipsis helped us craft more focused landing pages for all of our products and rollout a content marketing campaign to improve our discoverability.

The growth in revenue was nearly instant from when we started implementing Ellipsis’ recommendations. The investment made in Ellipsis’ services have paid off multiple times over. I’d highly recommend them to WordPress product businesses.”

– Travis Lopes • Founder, ForGravity

Copy and Content for The Events Calendar Shortcode

✅ The Events Calendar Newsletter is a plugin which lets users display a shortcode or block of their upcoming events. ✅ Services provided: 🖋 Content Marketing Effectiveness, 📈 Conversion-Focused Copy.

Brian Hogg • Founder, The Events Calendar Shortcode

I needed to know where to focus my marketing efforts, and improve my landing page copy. Ellipsis helped me with both of these.

We established I needed to focus on content marketing, and Ellipsis gave me SEO-driven content ideas to focus on. They also reworked my copy on and the landing page for the premium version, making these much clearer and easier for potential customers to understand.

A secondary benefit is Alex recommended I put my prices up 40-50%: this alone has been extremely profitable, with the higher price positioning the product as a more premium solution, with the conversion rate increasing over the month following from 2.8 to 3.3%.

Any WordPress plugin or theme business should get in touch!”

– Brian Hogg • Founder, The Events Calendar Shortcode

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Alex Denning

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