Turn your SEO Content from hit-and-miss, to just the hits

FALCON AI is our in-house AI specifically trained to increase the performance of SEO Content on WordPress topics.

FALCON AI turns SEO Content from hit-and-miss, to just the hits. It does this by predicting if a post is going to succeed, before you write it. This lets you just create content with a high chance of success.

FALCON results in significantly faster rankings, and content which perfectly matches the search intent. FALCON Enterprise lets content teams plug in the extra SEO power to existing content and process.

Keyword selection is vital for SEO Content. If you pick the wrong keyword, you’ll never get the rankings or sales you want from your content.

If you select the wrong keyword for your content, the rest of your work goes to waste. Selecting the right keyword unlocks the rest of the requirements.

Providing insightful answers on a great keyword gets you clicks → happy readers → happy Google → more, and more consistent results. It’s a virtuous cycle.

FALCON AI makes sure you get posts with a high chance of success. We use a custom machine learning model to predict if a given keyword and title combination will succeed.

Because we can predict if keyword and title a will succeed, we can also predict if keyword and title b is a better alternative. The AI can generate multiple titles based on what’s currently ranking top for the keyword, and then we predict which will work best.

Not only are we only selecting keywords with a high chance of success, we’re also making sure our titles perfectly match the search intent too.

FALCON AI can do this at scale, letting us rapidly evaluate every single possible keyword that might fit a product. We then assess the topics required for a post to rank.

With FALCON Enterprise, we can put all of this to use on your content. Plug FALCON’s SEO magic into your existing process and get the vastly better results FALCON brings. Book a call today to see how we can help.

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Tom Greenwood, MD, Wholegrain Digital