Sensei is a WordPress product built by Automattic, makers of, Tumblr, WooCommerce, and many more.

Sensei helps educators create and sell their online courses. Sensei is deeply compatible with modern WordPress, and helps creators build websites block-first.

Sensei started publishing content from Ellipsis’ flagship SEO Content service, Content Growth, in July 2022. That month, Sensei had 3979 organic visitors. 6 months later, Sensei had 7988 organic visitors – a 100.75% increase in organic traffic, in 6 months:

By January 2023, Ellipsis content accounted for 32.2% of Sensei’s organic traffic, and all of its organic traffic growth.

Sensei is on Content Growth with 4x posts/month, and we’ve been building up the library of content. Ellipsis’ content has been the main driver in organic traffic growth for Sensei, as the 4x posts/month have started ranking and performing well. This fits with other clients, where we see Content Growth content consistently performant.

Ellipsis’ FALCON AI plays a huge part here, as it does for all Content Growth projects. FALCON AI ensures we only produce content where we’re confident the client can get a top 10 ranking, and its predictions have been proven by reality: Sensei content has reached the top 10 for its target keyword within 1 month of publication.

The value of Content Growth is the combination of world-class expertise, process, and technology. This is what gets clients unbeatable results, and we see that with Sensei.

One of the most enjoyable parts of this project for us has been seeing Ellipsis’ content drive sales results for Sensei, which has created a virtuous cycle alongside product improvements. We’ve been able to talk about new product features in the content, and also incorporate more customer success stories into the content as Sensei has reached a wider customer base.

This project has been led by Ben Mifsud Joslin, Content Manager at Ellipsis. Here’s Ben:

With 4x posts/month, it’s been important to collaborate closely with the client to ensure we have a smooth and efficient content production process. We’ve been able to keep our content production time down, keep the content flowing onto the site, and Google has been rewarding this with great rankings.

This is true even for complex technical topics like accessibility guidelines and federal compliance, where we’ve needed to mix product features with authoritative technical information.

Here’s Ronnie Burt, General Manager of Sensei:

The best part about working with Ellipsis is that they know our audience and our needs. It continues to be a great collaboration and they’ve become a natural extension of our team.

The Ellipsis team use their FALCON AI to find keywords relevant to our target market. The results speak for themselves. I genuinely look forward to the quarterly reports and recommendations from FALCON AI.

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