Black Friday 2020 is on November 27th. Let’s make your Black Friday sale better than ever.

Ellipsis is uniquely positioned to offer the best insight into what makes Black Friday work for WordPress businesses. Through our Marketing Audit and Strategy work we’ve made pricing and sale recommendations for dozens of WordPress product businesses from small plugins up to the largest businesses in our space.

Our annual Black Friday recommendations blog offers significant insight into how we approach and design successful Black Friday campaigns. This work gives you bespoke recommendations on campaign design, and full implementation of best practice sale communication.

We think you can make your sale ~20-50% more effective this year by creating a more effective sale offer and pricing strategy and following best practices for communicating your sale to your audience. We’ll also make sure your sale doesn’t undermine your long-term pricing or profitability.

You don’t have to worry about your sale. We’ll take care of it for you, making sure you don’t miss out on sales or revenue this sale season.

🗣 What will you do?

You can choose from two options:

  1. A pricing tune-up with bespoke sale design. We’ll give you recommendations with a follow-up call for any queries. It’s then up to you to implement.
  2. An “all-in” option with the above, plus having us craft all your sale communication in line with best practices.

The full pricing and spec is at the bottom of this page, providing excellent value for your business.

🗣 What if I have multiple products or variations?

We’re expecting this! Our pricing covers one set of variations for your copy and emails. If you need more products or variations we can handle this – just book a call to discuss and we can work this out for you.

Multiple products and/or variations are absolutely fine for the pricing tune-up and sale design.

🗣 What’s the risk of not working with you?

There are a couple of risks here:

  • You miss out on Black Friday sale revenue
  • You miss out on opportunities to communicate the sale, and any up-sells
  • You have a sale which makes money in the short term but undermines your profitability in the long term

We think you can make your sale significantly more effective this year. The pricing tune-up is priced as a “no brainer” decision – it’s a highly efficient way of getting value from us – and the all-in service is excellent value for businesses expecting to do over $20k of sale revenue.

🗣 Who have you helped with pricing and sale design before?

Through our Marketing Audit and Strategy work, we’ve helped dozens of WordPress businesses with their pricing strategy and sales.

We’re typically able to make profitable pricing and sale recommendations with this work. Here’s Travis, Founder of ForGravity, a Gravity Forms addon shop:

[Ellipsis’] recommendations on pricing in this alone led to thousands of dollar in increased sales just within the first three months! From there, Ellipsis helped us craft more focused landing pages for all of our products and rollout a content marketing campaign to improve our discoverability.

The growth in revenue was nearly instant from when we started implementing Ellipsis’ recommendations. The investment made in Ellipsis’ services have paid off multiple times over. I’d highly recommend them to WordPress product businesses.”

– Travis Lopes • Founder, ForGravity

🗣 Have you consulted specifically on Black Friday with WordPress businesses?

Yes, we’ve worked with a selection of WordPress plugin businesses on their Black Friday sales, including businesses with:

  • One main plugin
  • Multiple plugins under the same brand
  • Multiple plugins under individual brands

That covers the three main types of WordPress plugin businesses, and it should cover you. You’re very welcome to book a free 30 minute chat with Alex to discuss your requirements if you’d like to hear more.

🗣 Sounds great! I’m interested in the all-in option. Could you give me the specification for what you’ll do?

Sure! In addition to the pricing tune-up and sale design work, we’ll also create all the on-site copy, emails, social content, and graphics you need for a successful sale. This covers:

  • Sale announcement blog post, with accompanying email for your list, and social content
  • On-site sale copy, such as bundle pricing offer, copy for a bar on the site
  • Sale launch blog post, with accompanying email, and social content
  • Sale reminder emails x2, to make sure your customers see your offer
  • Urgency sale closing emails x3, to drive revenue at the end of the sale

We’re including 1x variation for all of the emails, which will let you send a different offer for specific customer segments such as existing customers.

This covers a site-wide sale offer; we can handle multiple campaigns, such as for individual products, but we’ll need to quote this separately.

🗣 Let’s do it! What’s next?

You can book the pricing tune-up and Black Friday sale design directly through the Stripe link below. For the Black Friday 2020 all-in offer, book a call to discuss what you need or email Alex: We look forward to working with you!

Get Black Friday off your plate, and done perfectly

Pricing tune-up and Black Friday sale design

£500 one-off
  • 💰 Pricing tune-up: review of your pricing and tiers, and recommendations for long-term success

  • 📈 Black Friday sale design: bespoke recommendations for your sale

  • 📄 Both of the above will be delivered for you in an actionable PDF report

  • 🗣 Follow-up call with Alex to discuss and answer any questions

  • 💵 Excellent value for any WordPress business running a sale