WordPress.org plugin description optimisation

Alex Denning
Alex Denning is founder and Managing Director of Ellipsis. @AlexDenning on X, Alex Denning on LinkedIn 👏

If you a free or freemium plugin, your WordPress.org plugin description is exceptionally important. This is where new users discover and decide whether or not to use your plugin.

Most WordPress plugin descriptions are poorly optimised. They suffer from any mix of the following problems:

  • Badly-converting text
  • Poor keyword selection and/or poor keyword optimisation for WordPress.org
  • Lack of optimisation for Google searches (this is a separate issue!)
  • Premium features not clearly explained
  • Emotional benefits or use cases of the plugin not explained

We can fix all of these problems for you.

Here’s what you’ll get after we optimise your plugin description:

  • More installs
  • Happier users, primed to upgrade
  • More premium conversions
  • Fewer support issues or 1* reviews

Our work in this area has helped drive significantly better understanding of specifically what gets results when optimising plugin descriptions. Here’s what we can do for you:

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